A Lone Nut - A Google Apps Insurgency

This session will explain how to lead an insurgency amongst the resistors to start or expand the Google Apps for Education footprint at your school in a focused manner that will really develop student learning. It is based on the experience of one veteran insurgent successfully deploying Google Apps, despite a "low tech" infrastructure, to enhance student learning in his classes, as well as using resistance to build positive community consensus.

Who should attend this session?
  • Teachers who are new to Google Apps for Education and want advice on how they can take up the role of Google insurgent to effectively develop its use at their school
  • Teachers who want to hear from a non-IT teacher, who still teaches a full teaching schedule, on how Google Apps can immediately be used, as an insurgent, across a K-12 school and in all disciplines to improve student learning
  • Department heads, curriculum coordinators and principals who are looking for ways to strategise an effective Google Apps for Education insurgency to improve student learning rather than replace existing platforms or materials
  • Educators who want real tested examples of tips and advise on how they can lead an insurgency to get their classes started with Google Docs, Drive and Sites - not jargon
  • Educators who are willing to discuss the challenges that they want to overcome as they develop Google Apps for Education in their classes/schools
What you will be able to takeaway from this session:
  • A clear explanation of the benefits of adopting Google Apps for Education in everyday classrooms, no matter the current level of hardware infrastructure, and where to start with your insurgency whether on that is in a single class or whole school level
  • Compelling explanations to share with colleagues as to why your school should adopt Google Apps for Education to improve student learning - insurgents need new recruits who also believe ("a little red book" of Google, if you may)
  • What-not-to-do lists of potential mistakes to avoid if your Google Apps for Education insurgency is to end in success for student learning and teacher sanity
Who am I?
  • Not an IT teacher
  • Head of Humanities K-12 at an international school
  • Experienced IB teacher and examiner
  • A teacher interested in how leading integration of technology in the classroom can improve student learning
  • Veteran of Google Apps summits and awaiting confirmation (hopefully any day now) of Google Apps for Education certified trainer status
For more information about my role in education please visit my website (the building process is relatively slow due to the demands of marking hundreds of IB essays every year, whilst still trying to complete my own research as an historian) at http://www.olliehartwright.com

Presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1JksTWfTfkqh04UyekSdOav99ryqhZzbWfeHMTeAVYA4/edit#slide=id.p

Google Moderator for submitting questions during the presentation for the group Q/A session: http://goo.gl/8h9gtJ