Rich Per-User Reporting with Scripts, Sites, and Spreadsheets

Presented by: Andrew Stillman, Program Officer, Digital Instruction, New Visions for Public Schools
Geared toward which type of attendee: Techie, Teacher, Admin
Level of session: Basics, Getting Geeky

Until now, presenting secure, per-user views of student data online has required expensive, cumbersome, and inflexible web portals that keep data in relational databases (SQL, mySQL, etc.) that are hard for most educators to manipulate.  With some support from the Docs engineering team, New Visions for Public Schools' Program Officer for Digital Instruction, Andrew Stillman has written an Apps script for Google Sites that allows a site to dynamically serve up rich, easily-templated per-user reports, ANY data that can be kept in a spreadsheet.  The solution involves simply formatting your report template in Spreadsheets that uses <<Mergefield>> tags, inserting <img> and <chart> tags for images and graphs (bar, column, line, pie, etc.) and embedding the script in Sites to present user-specific data in a page based on the logged in user!  The use cases for this abound (real-time report cards, live student progress visuals, etc.)  Walk away from this workshop with your own, fully-functioning reporting shell, ready to put to use in your practice.