Apps Scripts Hackathon

Presented by: Saurabh Gupta and Jan Kleinert, Google Inc.
This session is geared towards: Techies, Admin
The level of this session is: Getting Geeky

How do you extend Google Apps to fit EDU use cases?

Google Apps Script is the tool that lets you automate, extend and integrate Google Apps in a way that fits the needs of educational organizations. Google Apps is a great suite of products which was designed make organizations productive. Google Apps Script is designed to let individual organizations create customized solutions on top of Google Apps.

In this session, Jan and Saurabh are going to give an overview of the how to use Apps Script to automate your tasks in Google Apps. You’ll also go through a workshop tutorial where you will build an interesting but simple solution on top of Google Apps.

What is Google Apps Script?
Google Apps Script is a JavaScript cloud scripting language. Apps Script is also JavaScript on server side which makes APIs more accessible and allows automation around Google Apps. With a simple browser based editor, you can start writing and executing scripts. It also allows users to build UI using server side Javascript.

A laptop with a wifi (or any internet connection)
Optional: Going over a Google Apps Script tutorial here.