Collaborative Mind Mapping with Google Draw

Presented by: Rob Lyons, Information Literacy Coordinator and Rich Burger, History Teacher, Suffern High School
This session is geared towards: Teacher, Admin
Level of session: Tips and Tricks

Through the use of Google Applications our students are collaborating on a daily basis. Whether they are working on a handout through Google Docs or creating thinking maps using Google Draw, every day we will strive to have them work together on the content.  This presentation will explore the convergence of mind mapping techniques with the power of Google Draw.  Student created visuals display a range of cognitive patterns of thinking thus enabling richer self-reflection in learning.

This presentation will help attendees clarify their vision of what it is our kids know and learn. It will enable them to help their students bring clarity to their own learning,empowering them with the tools to make sense of their learning. We will explore several thinking strategies for effectively mapping thought processes using Google Draw  

See how our school has adopted Google Applications for Education, which is allowing teachers to create a curriculum that allows students to interact, collaborate, and publish with peers to showcase their learning.