Development of Online Learning Environment Based on Google Apps

"The creation of a suitable online teaching/learning environment for the International Community School (ICS) - London made the choice of tools for the development and management of a virtual educational space a crucial one. We aimed to find a tool that was simple, accessible, interactive, collaborative and cost effective. 

Detailed discussions between the Director of ICT, the ICS management team and staff have taken place. We looked at different Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) including online learning systems. Considering our stakeholders’ needs, we have made a decision to set up an online learning platform based on Google Apps for Education.  

Google Apps support social constructivist approaches to learning. Social constructivism creates a learning environment that emphasises collaboration and exchange of ideas. Constructivism gives people ownership of their learning, since they are engaged through questions, explorations, and designing assessments. As suggested by Williams and Jacobs, “learners are able to develop new ideas, and transform their own understanding through reflection by publishing and sharing their work to a wide audience”.

This interactive workshop offers discussions of two ICS case studies based on Google Apps Applied Research that supports collaborative forms of learning and encourages publications, multiple literacy and inquiry."

Dr Katya Toneva