Digital Science Notebooks

Presented by: Greg Benedis-Grab, Science Teacher / Director of Teach21, The School at Columbia University
This session is geared towards: Teachers, Admins
Level of session: Basics, Tips and Tricks

    At The School at Columbia University we have implemented an innovative digital science notebook program using Google Apps.  Digital notebooks promote student collaboration, new media literacy and authentic scientific inquiry.  They also improve student assessment and facilitate portfolio development.  Digital notebooks help change the learning model from teacher-centered to learner-centered.  In this workshop participants will explore the advantages of putting notes, data, and ideas in a collaborative digital space.  They will hear about and discuss the implementation of this innovative program and its connection to the New Framework for K-12 Science Education.  They will have an opportunity to experience the digital science classroom and reflect on the process.  This workshop demonstrates  a powerful application of Google Apps in schools.  Participants will gain the skills necessary to implement this approach in their own classrooms and schools.