Promoting Literacy with Google Apps

Improving literacy is the responsibility of all teachers, not just those in the Language classroom.  In this session, we will explore how Google Docs, as well as other tools such as Google Sites, Google Reader and iGoogle, can be utilized to help build literacy skills in all curriculum areas. Learn how technology can increase student motivation to read and write by connecting learners with audiences both within and beyond the classroom.  We’ll look at how to integrate social learning aspects, such as peer review, sharing and collaboration.  Discover tips on how to include a greater emphasis on key vocabulary terms each day and encourage active exploration of text to facilitate student ownership of the task of learning.  You’ll see how to create templates to use as reading journals, graphic organizers and more. Through the use of practical, classroom-tested examples, we will identify how to seamlessly integrate multiple Apps to promote literacy development in all subjects.

Tim Hodkinson