Retooling School

Moderator: James Lerman, Director, Progressive Science Initiative at Kean University
This session is geared towards: Techie, Teacher, Admin
Level of session: Basics, Tips and Tricks, Getting Geeky

Education leaders will tell personal stories of their rich experiences planning for, implementing, and using Google Apps in schools.

Panel Members:
Jerry Crisci, Director of Technology, Scarsdale Public Schools, NY
Ray Gonzalez, Superintendent of Schools, Wayne Public Schools
Susan Ettenheim, Teacher, Eleanor Roosevelt High School
David Thompson, Supervisor of Instruction, Morris School District

Questions to be addressed include:
How does use of Google Apps help students? Teachers? Administrators? What tasks do Google Apps assist people to do better, faster, or in ways they could not do before? Which Apps have been most powerful or useful? What steps help to insure a smooth rollout of Google Apps to students? Teachers? Administrators? How has use of the Apps changed over time? What are potential downsides to be aware of when considering implementation of Google Apps? Would anyone who has implemented Google Apps want to go back to life without them? What other Apps have you found to be particularly useful?

Questions and comments will be encouraged from the audience.