Sessions for Admins

  1. Google Apps for Educators: Whole School Communication, Collaboration and Data-Tracking 
  2. Flipping the Classroom with Google Apps 
  3. An Overview of Chromebooks and Chrome OS for Education
  4. From the Summit to the Cloud: Bringing Google Apps to Your School
  5. Progress Monitoring in Special Ed with Google Forms 
  6. Using Google Apps in Higher Ed Distance Learning Programs 
  7. Building a Google Powered Curriculum System
  8. Chrome Ninja Tips
  9. Assessment Trackers: Tools for Teacher Teams
  10. Digital Science Notebooks 
  11. Using Google Apps for Education and e-technologies to Build Capacity and Higher Education Opportunities for Remote Alaskan School Districts
  12. Apps Scripts Hackathon
  13. Launching a Blended Learning Program @ SCH Academy: From painful mandates to exuberant learning environments
  14. GAPS- Google Apps Parent Support
  15. Classroom Examples of the Power of Google Docs and Sites in Developing High School Online Collaboration
  16. Get in the (Chrome) Zone: Exploring web apps and extensions 
  17. Transforming Teaching, Learning, and Assessment with Google Apps 
  18. Rich Per-User Reporting with Scripts, Sites, and Spreadsheets
  19. Using Google Apps to Solve Administrative Challenges
  20. Innovative Google Apps Uses in the Classroom, the Office, & Board Room
  21. Apps for Admins
  22. Retooling School: A Panel Discussion on the Impact of Google Apps in Public Schools
  23. A Glimpse at the Future: The Educational Revolution at Morristown High School
  24. Transforming School Management with Google Apps 
  25. Google Apps Alive: 40 Ways to Use Google Apps in the Classroom
  26. Collaborative Mind Mapping with Google Draw