Supporting students with Google Sites

    Cisco and Anne will demonstrate aspects of their sites (moderator, groups) that support student’s learning, through access to resources or direct engagement tasks.
    Nathan will give his perspective as a learning support teacher with emphasis on how students and support staff use sites, what students need and how to make sites more user friendly. He will also share how he is using sites to create an electronic homework schedule for students using RSS feeds, a model our IT department is currently looking at, with the goal of every US student creating their own homework schedule.
    There will be plenty of time for discussion and play.
    Depending on the needs of the group, workshop leaders will facilitate either first step instruction or discussion/investigation into how google sites can help us as classroom teachers and support staff. 

With three workshop leaders, we can spread out and hopefully achieve both facilitation goals in one session.

There’s no perfect formula - but our aim is that together, we can create fantastic learning support environments. We hope you learn something from our experience, but we also want to learn with you and get new ideas to experiment with.

Anne Flaherty, Cisco Walker, Nathan Heilmann