Transforming School Management with Google Apps

Presented by: Mark Dunetz, Principal, Academy for Careers in TV & Film (NYCDOE) 
This session is geared towards: Admin
Level of session: Getting Geeky

Schools are incredibly complex organizations tasked with achieving increasingly ambitious goals on shrinking budgets. Historically, schools as organizations have lacked the organizational systems necessary to achieve the minimum level of efficiency and responsiveness that would be the prerequisite of maintaining high levels of performance in a sustainable manner. These limitations are felt most acutely in those schools serving large numbers of students who arrive with weak academic skills, inconsistent work habits, and uneven support at home. Google Apps provides a unique set a tools for managing a range of organizational tasks more efficiently from tracking academic intervention session attendance and discipline to managing purchase requests and facilities use. This session will provide an overview to how these tools are being used extensively in the Academy for Careers in Television and Film - a top performing, non-selective New York City public high school.