Going to the 'Hub' in 10 lessons

In 2011, supported by ISA, and Association of 300 Independent Schools in the UK, Ian Nairn and myself developed UK based training program for teachers and school technicians a 6 hour training course for gaining knowledge of and skills with Google Apps. At the same time, we invited schools to go Google. 16 months on, with the experience of whole school communities to draw upon, I have commenced writing advice to support our program.  Sub-titled a Teacher's guide in 10 chapters, Going to the 'Hub' sets out to persuade and encourage those who sort of know what they should be doing to take those steps and go Google.

Academic Principal
Chair professional development
co-founder of the ISA Grid for Learning www.isanet.ning.com
Author of 'Going to the 'Hub' - http://goo.gl/XVuBK