Google Apps ~ Treasure Trove of Tools for Schools

Google Apps is a serious 'one stop shopping' experience for educators.  A Treasure Trove refers to 'hidden gems' and  in Google Apps there are countless treasures that often go overlooked!  Relax and discover or 'rediscover' many tools that Google has to offer and with resources that will allow to explore and utilize long after you leave.  Learn unique tricks and tips for common core apps such as mail, forms, and search... and discover some treasures you never knew existed!  

This session is too long for one hour so Part I will be hosted (mostly core apps) on Saturday and Part II on Sunday (even more).

All session resources can be found at

Pre-Presentation Survey I  ~
Pre~Session Survey Day II

Session Evaluation ~ 

Additional Resources

Google Hangouts Edu ~ Presentation | Hangout on Air
Apps Events Community
gClass Folders
Google Digital Literacy ~ Good to Know
Google in Edu Programs for Students
You Tube Education
Mapping with Google Course
Google A Day
Google Site Portfolio Template
Google Site Project Portfolio Template
Project Adopt A Country - FULL APPS Integration for Teachers & Students
New Google Maps ~ Explore
Google Map Maker
Prague's Old Town Legends Map
International Hangout Map
Cultural Institute
Art Project

Example Forms for Edu

Welcome (Get to Know Your Students)
Assignment Collection
Quizzes (Flubaroo Script)
Student Technology Survey
Peer Review
Forms for Admins