Google Apps in My Summer Class

"In this session I am going to talk about how using Google Apps in the class help my teaching become more effective and help my students become more engaged with the tasks, assignments and projects they are involved in and I will also mention how it makes collaboration possible with my colleagues.

I teach at a high school in Istanbul. The school is equipped with technology. We have smart boards in each class, a computer lab for activities we carry individually or laptops for classroom use.

Using Google apps, however, make us continue our work after school. I have started a summer class with my grade 11 students, who will graduate next year and have to take the national exam to enter university. All the lessons I will teach them during the summer class will be with Google apps. 

In my talk I will specifically focus on this process and I will give examples how I use Google Documents, Google Form, Conceptboard, Mindmup, Google hangout, Voice Comments and Presentation app during the summer course to make my students ready for the new school year and the upcoming university exam."