Google Sites More Than You Think

In this session I would like to show some interesting and diverse uses for Google Sites. At our school, students use Google sites for portfolios, research projects, web quests and online journals. I have also set up various sites as either student or teacher intranet websites. Both sites have main landing pages filled with icons that make navigation easier for all. The students' site has sections on the tools we use with a jQuery sorting script, so when a student selects a type of project they can see a list of tools that they can use. On the teachers' site I have embedded various documents, spreadsheets and folders from Drive to make organizing the teachers' classrooms easier. In my workshop I would like to showcase some of the example projects that our students have created and show how to develop dynamic and interesting landing pages using jQuery, as well as other techniques to personalize Google Sites and make a customized, unique and user-friendly experience.