Launching a Blended Learning Program

Presented by: Jennifer Vermillion (SCH Academy) is presenting via Anthony Showalter and Gold Sponsor, Haiku Learning
This session is geared towards: Teacher, Admin
Level of Session: Tips and Tricks

This session will help participants identify concrete strategies to build and support engaging blended environments. Participants will explore the path to blended learning from a PK-12 school that pushed through a range of barriers to develop innovative and student-centered learning environments using Google Apps and the learning management system Haiku. We will share lessons learned from our decision to replace our former learning management system when we launched Google Apps for Education and critical steps during the rollout.  We'll discuss best practices for blended learning from the perspective of elementary, middle and high school students, parents and faculty. What can blended learning look like in kindergarten? How about in physical education or for an extracurricular team? How can blended learning support global partnerships or project-based learning? Rich examples will be woven together to demonstrate how blended learning can support and enhance the mission of a school.