Moodle and Google: Making the Match

"Moodle is a free, open-source learning management system designed with social-constructionism in mind. The latest versions of Moodle include many ways to integrate Google Apps into communication, creation, and collaboration. Students and teachers can use Moodle “repositories” to effortlessly embed their content from Drive, Picasa, and YouTube.

Session presenter Aaron Tyo-Dickerson will share an overview of basic Moodle/Google configuration followed by real-time examples of Moodle/Google integration from his own classes. Session participants will also be invited to participate in an online, follow-up session offered on the EuroMoodle site at" "
He provides free Moodle hosting to international schools in the ECIS (Europe) area under the name EuroMoodle. The current ASH Moodle began as a EuroMoodle site. :-)"