Secret Sauce, The key to a Successful VLE

"This presentation will examine how Google Apps integrates into a range of free, open source and commercial Virtual Learning Environments to provide the 'Secret Sauce' to an effective VLE. 

Darren will present how he has used Moodle and Google Apps, together with Single Sign On (SSO) to implement a successful school wide VLE roll out to his schools students and staff. He will also examine a range of alternative VLE platforms and discuss the effective integration of Google Apps with these system. These include tools such as, Edmodo, Brainhoney, Haiku, Canvas, etc. 

Darren will also look at the future of the VLE and consider the importance of Google Apps and Social Networking, when choosing a VLE platform. This presentation should be of interest to all educators who are considering the future direction their current VLE or for educators who wish to implement a new modern VLE platform into the future."

Darren Murphy